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Our physiotherapy treatments start with asking questions about your health needs, followed by an assessment to help determine what treatments might help you.

For existing problems, three main approaches are offered:

  • Education and wellbeing advice
  • Movement and exercise
  • Clinical massage

Education and wellbeing advice

A physiotherapy assessment and treatment will look at the person and the body as whole when considering why you are experiencing specific movement problems. Following the assessment we will be able to give you specific and individually tailored health advice. This may include information on exercise, advice on how to maintain a healthy weight for your height and build, as well as providing you with specific movement strategies to perform for reducing the risk of pain or injuries.


Movement pre-habilitation and rehabilitation

Pre-habilitation is a process designed to improve a person’s wellbeing in terms of their physical health in anticipation of a future stressor or focussed on reducing risks and complications of planned procedures to allow people to gain control over their health and well being.

We offer pre-habilitation to:

  • Prepare you for a planned surgical procedure. This involves breathing and movement exercises and evidence shows that this preparation helps people recover faster with fewer complications.
  • Support healthy ageing to allow you to keep moving freely for longer so that you can keep doing the things you enjoy. Evidence shows that starting specific exercises at any stage in life helps to keep people stay active and well for longer.
  • Help you to gradually increase your activity levels.

Rehabilitation is an active process to regain function after illness or surgery to restore strength, range of motion and endurance.

On offer is rehabilitation:

  • For existing movement and balance problems common among older people
  • Specialised neuro rehabilitation for people with neurological problems
  • For staying balanced and preventing falls

Please note that we do not offer musculoskeletal physiotherapy treatment for sports injuries or techniques that involve manipulation or mobilisation.

Clinical massage

Clinical massage is an outcome based treatment using a variety of deep tissues massage treatment techniques (including kneading, trigger point therapy, myofascial releases) and is focussed on treating specific problems. It is administered after a thorough assessment. The aim of the massage is to reduce these problems in contrast to a wellbeing massage that is primarily aimed at relieving stress and promoting wellbeing.

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