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The Bespoke Skincare Journey

We have a firm belief in the power of nature and its raw potential to provide inner healing and outer beauty. We marry the healing powers of nature with intensive relaxation techniques to renew the skin from the inside out.

Our bespoke treatments are thoughtfully designed to be both decadent and transformative. Each is curated and customisable, working with and for your skin, to drive results and leave you with a healthy, luminous radiance – one that is a reflection of your body’s desired harmony and balance.

Your journey will start with an initial bespoke skincare consultation, where we will talk about your particular skincare needs and goals.

Then depending on your needs we will create your bespoke skincare facial and recommend products that you can use at home that will really make a difference.

Bespoke Facial Oils

As part of your skincare journey we will create your bespoke facial oil.

When the right type and balance of botanical oils are chosen, the result can be a healthy and glowing complexion – whatever your age or skin type!

Whether your skin is sensitive or dry, combination or oily, mature or hormonal, or suffering from eczema or rosacea, a bespoke facial oil can be created especially for you.

​We use high quality, natural plant and essential oils, choosing organic wherever possible, to create a bespoke facial oil, packed with just the right blend of ingredients specifically to suit your skin.

Through your initial bespoke skin consultation, we will talk about your particular skincare needs and goals. The first facial will then help to get to know your skin a little better.  From all this information, your bespoke blend will be researched and created, and available for collection within 7 days.

If you decided not to be part of the skincare journey then you can still have your own bespoke facial oil.  We would carry out an initial Consultation (approx. 60 mins) to include a facial massage and one 10ml bespoke blend … £50

After the initial consultation (and for existing clients) your oil will be available to reorder for:

10ml      … £10

30ml      … £25

Scent Free Facial Oil

The essential oils are chosen not only for their beautiful scent, but also for their therapeutic action on facial skin, however, some people prefer products with no added scent at all.

This doesn’t mean that your skin can’t still benefit from healing, soothing and calming plant based oils. Therefore, we are happy to create beautiful bespoke facial oils containing the finest natural oils, without the inclusion of essential oils in your blend.

Organic Facials

If you have never had a facial before, or are new to organic and/or natural products, then the perfect place to start is our Discover Organic Facial.

You can then move onto the Organic Glow facial, which is a little longer and includes a double cleanse and massage to the feet, hands or scalp.

We use Botanicals products which are also available to buy.

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