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Holistic Massage

Holistic massage is a therapeutic application of touch that is also a supportive, relaxing treatment that encourages the mind to slow down whilst energy is increased.

This therapy also lifts the spirit on an emotional level.

A holistic approach means concentrating on the person as a whole and so after an initial consultation to gain an idea of your diet, lifestyle and general health, a blend of base oils suited to your skin type will be used.

Holistic Massage

You can choose from a full body, top to toe session lasting 60 minutes, through to one more focused where you feel you need more attention lasting 30 minutes.

There are certain conditions where you should avoid massage (such as if you have a fever or an infection).

There may also be some instances where your GP’s permission may be required, Please contact us prior to making an appointment.

With your first treatment please allow an additional 20 mins for a health consultation to determine your needs.

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