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  • Posted by: Ellie Whitehall

Welcome to our first blog post.

We aim to share with you news and topics that relate to what we do.

We thought that we would start by sharing with you more about our Founder Ellie Whitehall.

Ellie is a Facialist and Aromatherapist and has a passion for helping women going through the menopause with their skin. Here is what she had to tell us:

“My background is nursing.  My first job in the NHS was in 1995 and I worked on various wards, which gave me some great experience. I trained as a Health Visitor and moved into management before deciding to leave in 2010.  Upon leaving the NHS I worked as a nurse consultant for a Healthcare IT company (working with computers was certainly very different!).

I have always tried to look after my skin and a few years ago decided that I needed to be more conscious about what I was putting on it.  I just felt that I wanted to use something that was more natural and free of some of those nasty chemicals. Whilst looking around, I discovered Neal’s Yard Remedies – little did I know what an impact that would have on my life!

I discovered they did essential oils and wanted to find out more about the effects they had on the body.  Being the sort of person that I am, I just had to do a full course! Off I went to train with Neal’s Yard Remedies, which took 18 months of travelling to London every month and then another 6 months of case studies, before fully qualifying in October 2017.

After being made redundant the same month I qualified, I knew then what I had to do. I rented a room in a hair salon and in a Chiropractic clinic, which helped to consolidate what I had learned, but I knew in my heart that I really wanted to be in my own premises. Six months later the concept of ‘Botanical Notes’ was created and we opened in June 2018.

The treatment I love doing the most is facials.  I have learned that women who are going through the menopause often have problems with the changes in their skin, such as spots or dryness. Through getting to know my clients skin and their lifestyle, I am able to develop a skincare routine, using natural and organic products that really makes a difference to them. The other aspect is that facials are so relaxing, my clients often drift off to sleep during a treatment. We hold a lot of tension in our faces without realising it, which is why I do a lot of facial massage. I highly recommend having a facial at least every month to help the skin stay in tip top condition, along with a daily skincare routine”.

If you are experiencing changes in your skin and are going through the menopause, then book in for a Free Fabulous Skin Consultation.

Author: Ellie Whitehall

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